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Architects & Civil Engineers
Owners & Project Developers
Building Contractors
BIM Managers & Project Managers
All issues and documents centrally at a glance Visualization, processing, validation. Carry out all the steps in just one software.
Digital Twin An audit-proof merging of the BIM models of all disciplines. Thanks to openBIM, Visoplan supports all CAD tools with the IFC standard.
Intelligent document management Structured storage of all file formats as well as the possibility of linking documents with building components and issues.
Successful together Improved collaboration between architects and civil engineers by eliminating the silo thinking between the disciplines.
Increase in efficiency and quality More efficient design reviews and improved coordination in the project.
Quick selection and marking of submodels Whether room model, TBE (Technical Building Equipment), CAFM or structural model - only display the information that you currently need.
The view from above Maintain an overview of the status of the project by managing all data via Visoplan.
The focus on the essentials The dashboard is your management cockpit and visualizes the most important developments in the construction project.
Right in the middle instead of just on the sidelines You control the responsibilities and contribute from day one.
Holistic approach With Visoplan, you can hand over the digital twin including all information and documents when you hand over. Thanks to the seamless database, the operating and maintenance costs for the building are reduced enormously.
Visualization in the IFC Viewer A virtual tour through the models and planning progress.
Revision security The model versioning leads to a significantly more efficient claim management.
Central BIM authoring software for all project participants Visoplan relies on openBIM and supports all clash detection and CAD tools with the IFC standard.
Improved collaboration Deviations between construction planning and construction can be corrected efficiently.
Complete documentation The construction team receives complete documentation upon handover.
Upload construction site photos centrally Upload photos and documents to the Visoplan DMS and link them to construction components or issues.
Construction Management Software Take advantage of the linking of components, documents and issues to ensure efficient and smooth construction.
Comprehensive support for the BIM project From structuring to maintenance and management of the model data.
Coordination of BIM planning Review of the current status and assignment of tasks in the construction project. Control and manage milestones of your project across all trades.
An eye for the detail Check individual sub-models for errors. View changes between different versions of a BIM model in the model history and evaluate them.
All issues and documents centrally at a glance Visualization, processing, validation. Carry out all the steps in just one software.
Improved collaboration All those involved in the project collaborate via Visoplan and store their models and documents centrally in the DMS.
Intelligent linking of the digital twin with documents and issues Model information (documents, issues and components) can be linked with one another.
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