Issue Management

Comprehensive quality control for construction planning with BIM.

Detect and correct issues in the planning phase at an early stage.

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Manage all issues centrally via one BIM Software
BCF import & export
Visoplan enables both collision detection in the application itself and the import of issues from external issue tools (keyword Solibri plug-in). In addition, a central collision check and management of issues are offered. If necessary, the issues can also be exported again.
Diverse filter options for exact
searches in BIM-based planning
Visoplan provides you with intuitive filter options in the Issue Management Tool, so that you always have an overview. After the issues have been identified and created, they are added to the issue list. Often extensive and confusing lists arise over time.
Thanks to the revision security
Claim Management is done quickly
With Visoplan, all model versions and changes are logged so that Claim Management can search specifically and save enormous amounts of time. Errors occur in most construction projects and Claim Management has to look for a needle in the haystack to identify the original source of the error.
Flawless and well thought out
Quality Assurance at the highest level
Visoplan not only supports you with issue management and the intuitive filter system, but also with the validation tool and accurate settings for classifying the issues so that all errors can be recognized and rectified. Planning errors occur in most construction projects and can drastically reduce the quality of the construction planning.
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