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The Viewer supports all IFC formats as well as the BCF XML format for seamless collaboration.


The individual BIM models are automatically merged into a digital twin with all construction information.


The beginner-friendly IFC Viewer enables you to work on the digital twin without extensive training.

Intelligent rendering of the data

Lightning loading of IFC files and high-performance movements in the Viewer.

Fast upload of IFC files
Simply drag and drop the files from your computer into the IFC Viewer and you're ready to go.
Automatic IFC data linkage
The intelligent algorithm smoothly merges all IFC data, so that an error-free digital twin is available in the BIM Viewer.
Numerous functions for accurate work on the 3D model
The numerous tools make working on the BIM model easier for you. Take measurements or cuts. Take a snapshot with just one click. View the model structure in detail or create new issues directly on the building components.
Intuitive representation of the model structure
Display a structured library of all components, which can be filtered according to a wide variety of categories, such as storeys, groups and materials.
Working from home or on the beach - working together from anywhere in the world
Working from home or on the beach - working together from anywhere in the world
Changes to the 3D BIM model can thus be discussed and then implemented directly from the workplace. Save travel costs and valuable time by having construction meetings digitally and from anywhere.
Filter by storeys and construction components
Filter by storeys and construction components

Would you just like to look at the first floor, the technical building equipment plan or a specific room? With the Visoplan IFC Viewer, filtering for specific data is no problem and can be done in no time.

Issue Management with BCF export
With just a few clicks, you can identify, describe and assign issues to the person responsible. With the BCF format, the person is notified immediately and can deal with the issue.
Global recording of the location and the marking of an issue
This information is synchronized globally so that it is always up to date in Visoplan, the CAD software and the collision checking tool. Visoplan remembers the exact position (viewpoint) from which a planning error was recognized across all IFC versions and marks the structural component affected by the issue.
Follow Mode
Follow Mode
Together you can virtually walk through the digital twin in the BIM Viewer. As soon as one person activates the follow mode, the other project participants see exactly the same picture as the group leader. The marking tool can be used to visually show things.
Processing huge amounts of data
Are you planning a huge construction project and need an IFC Viewer that can handle the demands of large amounts of data?
Then the Visoplan Viewer is the perfect choice for your project planning!
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