Document Management (DMS)

The place for all documents in the Construction Project:
The Document Management System (DMS) from Visoplan.

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Data-centered CDE - the BIM Solution for efficient data exchange
Our project platform offers you a central DMS solution that is integrated directly into the Common Data Environment as one of many features and also supports all file formats. In the construction project, central data and document management is an elementary component for successful implementation.
Digital document management can now do even more
But Visoplan offers you even more - documents can be linked to building components and issues so that everything is networked with one another! The advantages of digital document management: categorizations, filters & searches, approval processes, data centering and cost savings through lower paper consumption.
Highest revision security in the central
BIM Software for Document Management
In Visoplan's document management system, all files are automatically versioned so that you can always fall back on older versions and no data is lost during the course of the project. When activated, the notification function will automatically notify you by e-mail when updates of important data have been uploaded.
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