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The one BIM Collaboration Platform for your construction projects.

Improves modell-based communication in the construction project. Accelerates BIM Management.

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Central, model-based communication in the construction project
Visoplan is a CDE for everyone involved in the project. Streamline the collaboration between the discipline by handling communication centrally and model-based via Visoplan. All files can be exchanged via the intelligent DMS and also linked with components and issues.
Reduced silo thinking
Thanks to a common hub
Visoplan offers you all of this in one collaboration software and supports the exchange between the discipline, as tasks can be processed via a central project room. Often several applications are used for the editing and approval processes as well as the validation of issues.
Ideal for the BIM Management of large amounts of data in construction projects.
Lean processes in project management thanks to intelligent BIM Tools.
Inspect View
Display of the material list and intelligent filters
The Inspect View provides you with a library of all components. You can use the Smart Data Filter to limit the library to the materials that you currently want to review. You can also save the filtering of data so that you can retrieve it at any time with one click.
Automatic merging of IFC models into
a central BIM-based process model
The dashboard acts as a management cockpit and keeps all planners up-to-date. Take your BIM management to a new level! The required submodels are selected with just a few clicks and the intelligent algorithm automatically creates a smooth BIM-based process model from them.
Maximum revision security
Thanks to automatic versioning in the model history
In Visoplan, every model is automatically versioned when it is updated so that no data is lost. Comparisons between model versions are automatically determined in the model history within seconds and enable a detailed insight into the changes.
With the activity log, you can always see what
has recently happened in the BIM project
Who last uploaded something, adjusted settings or validated issues? The chronological activity log keeps you informed of all developments in the BIM project. In addition, it can be exported as an Excel file, making it ideal for claim management.
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