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Receive the data and evaluations
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In construction projects that are implemented with BIM, huge amounts of data are generated within a very short time. With the help of the Smart Data Filter from Visoplan, you can obtain precise evaluations from this mountain of data and achieve enormous time savings that would otherwise be wasted searching for the right information.
The following example illustrates the Smart Data Filters: "Visoplan, please show me all structural components of the window type on the 1st floor with an exact width of 2 meters."
Bill Of Quantities (BoQ) and an intuitive dashboard
for BIM construction planning
You determine the area and the associated data for which a Bill Of Quantities is to be carried out. Our construction planning software then automatically calculates the results so that you can save a lot of time and effort! In addition, our dashboard informs you about the most important developments in the construction project.
Automatic identification of new versions
Manage construction projects efficiently
New versions of models and documents are automatically recognized and versioned by our BIM construction planning software. This ensures a high level of revision security. Moreover, the existing links from the previous version are adopted for the new uploads, which saves enormous amounts of time.
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